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Tourist Places - Light House Hill Garden

Light House Hill Garden

Light House Hill Garden

Light House Hill Garden is situated 1 Km. away from Bus Stand. Light House Hill-Garden at Mangalore was built as early as in the 18th century. Haider Ali, one of the most well known emperors in the history of India, is believed to have constructed this historical light house of the place.

The Light House Hill-Garden in Mangalore has a garden besides the light house, from where the tourists can enjoy a marvelous view of the sea with moving boats and ships adding on to its serene beauty. One can see the beautiful sea view, sunset view and also the sailing ships and boats on the sea. Now the renovated garden looks more beautiful.

Also know as Tagore Park, the garden also surrounds an old light house with full of huge trees and flowering plants. Light House Hill Garden, assumed to be built by Hyder Ali attracts lots of people during the vacations. People wanting to relax with their families can spend the evening in the cool calm cover of nature here.

There is also a small artificial stream that flows down a rock strewn channel. There is a public library at the base of the light house with a reading room named after Karnad Sadashiv Rao, a renowned freedom fighter.