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Tourist Places - Karadi Manjunatha Temple

Karadi Manjunatha Temple

Karadi Manjunatha Temple

Karadi Manjunatha Temple is an ancient historic spot in Mangalore. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva, known as Shree Manjunath, in the shape of Udbhava Linga, a natural stone slab seen parallel to the level of the floor of the main sanctorum. An exciting feature of Linga is the disappearance of the water poured on it. The square temple built with nine water tanks, nestles at the foot of the highest hill at Kadri in Mangalore.

The chief deity of this temple is Manjunatha there is a shiv ling on him there is also a thri Lokeshwara statue made of bronze. The Balipitha in front of the temple also gives us an almost definite period going back to 10th century. Within the temple premises to the west is the temple of Goddess Durga, and to the north the temple of Lord Ganesha.

The devotees strongly believe that worship of Mangaladevi brings riches and delight. Mangaladevi is worshiped as "Shakti" here. The temple has a special significance for the maidens. It is believed that those who conduct their marriage in this sacred temple will have a happy married life. Dussehra and Ganesh Chaturthi are the most important festivals celebrated here with much vigor and enthusiasm.